Spicewood Nexus | Lvl 5 Clan | TH 6-10

Spicewood Nexus
Clan Tag: #Q2VL2VO8


Now Recruiting, all levels.

Clan Description:

We are a multi-generational clan, built over the past year with loyal players who have a strong desire to continually improve in war. We’re a fair play clan with member Town Halls ranging from 6-10. We take wars seriously, but enjoy a relaxed environment. We go to war twice weekly and have enough members to allow for the occasional need by members to take short periods of time off to maintain clash / life balance. Clan activity levels are typically higher during war time, and our clan prefers to come out attacking aggressively in the opening hours of a war… we call it our ‘Angry Negus’ strategy. We believe that having interactions amongst members of various ages helps keep our clan fresh and lively. We stress that all clan communications are respectful! Members are primarily US based at this time, but we also have key members from China & Bangledesh. We welcome players from anywhere, but desire communications to be in English.

What does Spicewood Nexus offer you?

Two wars per week; Monday, Thursday prep days beginning 7:30 pm CST (-6 GMT)
Dedicated leadership that recognizes loyalty and performance
Competitive, engaged clan members
We maintain a family friendly environment
A level 1 sister clan, Spicewood Surge (Tag: #GJR0GR22).
Internal Friendly Battle Tournaments, Friendly Wars
No donation requirements
Solid clan with Clan / Life balance

What differentiates us from other clans?

We’ve built a solid war record while incorporating training of newer players into our clan growth strategy. We’re excited because the game additions within the recent update, specifically Friendly War challenges, will allow for our clan to focus more development activities outside of the war context. We have also utilized the friendly battle feature to hold internal friendly battle tournaments. These tournaments help the clan develop esprit de corps while honing war raid skills. If you want more in a clan beyond clan wars, we are looking for you. Those who show a desire to improve will benefit from our experienced clan members who will share what they know with you and help you to grow your abilities.

Clan Level, Win Rate:

We’re currently a level 5 clan, but will be level 6 within the next few weeks. We’ve been involved in a little over 70 clan wars. Our overall win rate is 60%, but have steadily improved over the life of our clan. With the ability to develop player skills outside of war, we expect to continue increasing our win rate. We’re excited about the progression of our clan and are looking for like minded people to join and help us take things to a new level. Come be a part of our clan growth!!

In war, only donate what is requested. Outside of war we prefer donation requests to be “anything, any lvl…” as we’d like to build a culture of friendly donators. We have many generous donators in our clan and the donation upgrade perk so that we don’t need to invoke donation requirements.

Clan Status Progression:
Promotion to Elder is earned by members who have demonstrated loyalty to the clan and have exhibited consistent participation and improvement in war results. Co-leader is granted at the discretion of the clan leadership team after an extended period of activity.

Requirements for Entry:

Town Hall 6+
Base Rushed bases are not accepted
Walls Prefer maxed for previous TH level

Application Process Options:
Send an email to spicewoodnexus@gmail.com
Visit us at nexuspotential.wordpress.com
Request in-game. Mention this forum post and my name (Goatman) in the join request!

Copy and paste this application, filled out, into your correspondence for options 1) or 2)…

Town Hall level :
Level of Wizards :
In game name (IGN) :
Current Exp level :
Picture of base (If possible)

Thanks for reading! We look forward to seeing your requests.