Seriously… clan castle troops


There are a number of things to consider when approaching a war raid in clash of clans, but perhaps none more important than luring and eliminating enemy clan castle troops. Looking at data derived specifically from the Spicewood Nexus clan, when attacking an enemy base of similar strength, taking care of clan castle troops prior to launching the main raid consistently provides a 30% increase in the median value of base damage… which can clearly be the difference between that painful 0 or 1 star attack vs. the sought after 3 star and war glory!

What follows are a series of links which will walk you through the basics of luring and killing enemy clan castle troops. Feel free to post questions in the comment section…

Under Construction…


The lure zone

The kill zone

Barbarian lure

Giant / Wall breaker lure

Hog lure


CC troop kill tactics;

The archer surround

The lightning spell

The poison spell