Clash FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are the war screens?

So you’re new to clash of clans, you’d like to participate in war, but don’t know where to go… We’re here to help : ) Simply look on the lower left portion of your game screen and find the crossed swords icon (shown in the image below). Click on that icon and that will take you to the war screens. Once there, during a war, you will see the bases on your clan involved in the war listed in order of strength from top to bottom. From here, if you click on the War Details icon on the lower right of the screen, this will take you into a summary section of the war. Several tabs are shown at the top of the screen; War Stats – a summary page, War Events – a screen that will allow you to watch war raids listed in the order they happened during the war, My Team – a summary page of what your clan has done during the war, Enemy Team – a summary page of what the enemy clan has done during the war.

What should I upgrade?

There are several answers to this question and a lot of it depends on personal preference… Here are some of the options;

Troops – the most important troops to upgrade are always the ones that you find yourself using the most!! By upgrading these troops, you will strengthen the attacks that you like to use best.

Defenses – here, you should typically upgrade those defenses that do splash damage first. Splash damage means that damage is inflicted upon get multiple targets within the same zone; mortars and wizard towers are good examples. Next I would suggest upgrading air defense. Many war attacks on lower bases will be dragon rushes… meaning that the enemy attacking your war base uses multiple dragons (7-9) to attack your base. Strong air defense is the only way to stop this. To note… our clan refers to dragons as bessies… because they are dumb like cows.

Resource buildings – obviously you need to mix in resource upgrades along with offense and defense upgrades to aid your ability to house all the loot that you’ll be winning. I would suggest upgrading the storages first… Nothing is more frustrating that not having enough space to store all the loot you just won in your last raid.

When should I upgrade my Town Hall?

The short answer is simply “After you’ve upgraded EVERYTHING!!” Many do not have the patience to upgrade all options before moving on to a new town hall level. Particularly at lower levels where higher level bases come in and take your loot… Trust me, the best thing you can do is wait, put in the time and upgrade everything, especially walls. Having fully upgraded walls will be a good deterrent in the early stages of that next town hall level! There are many rushed bases out there that will present themselves as easier targets. Also to keep in mind is that if you rush your base, you will have a significant negative impact on your clan during clan wars. A rushed base presents an easy three star target to the enemy clan and it will be difficult, if not impossible, for a rushed base to provide war stars at an appropriate level in return.

Do I have to be in war?

The answer is simple, no, you are not required to be in clan wars in the Spicewood Nexus clan. However, clan wars are one of the best parts of the game, so we encourage participation from everyone. To note, we have a training war as well as a select roster war every week. If your worried about not having much war experience, take a deep breath and relax. We want to help you learn how to run good war raids and will answer any questions you have.

How do I get on the war roster for the select war?

There are only two rules regarding who participates in the select roster wars; 1) Participation is at Goatman’s discretion, & 2) See rule 1. We’re looking for bases that will consistently use both attacks, will attack at appropriate levels & will deliver stars…

Can I have multiple bases in the clan?

No… our desire is to have as many unique members as possible.

How do I get promoted?

Everyone stays at member status until you’ve been in the clan long enough for us to determine if you fit in the culture. Once you’ve been in the clan for a bit, been involved in a clan war or two and we’ve seen you active on the clan chat and donating troops, you will be promoted to elder. Co-leader status is not available at this time.

Are there rules about leaving the clan and then coming back?

Generally, we have no issues with someone leaving the clan for a short while and then coming back. The only caveat I would add is that should a member decide to leave while their base is involved in a clan war with attacks left, the chances of that individual rejoining would be low. We take war time seriously.